Guiding Values of SAMCHA

  • By Admin
  • 21 April 2020
  • 06:54

Membership: SAMHCA is dedicated to enhancing the value of membership and upholding an environment of fellowship and networking.

Advocacy:  SAMHCA strengthens services by promoting best practices and providing guidelines, advocacy, and other resources that enhance their effectiveness. The SAMHCA encourages partnerships between counselor, psychiatry, psychologist, social worker, and professional relevant, regulatory boards, and other appropriate components of organized mental health and counseling.

Collaboration: SAMHCA fosters collaboration and engagement with others in each member state and international mental health and counseling organizations.

Equality: SAMHCA opposes discrimination against counselor, psychiatry, psychologist, social worker, and professional relevant and the mental health community based on the presence of a particular diagnosis or other discriminatory factors and supports the use of mental health and counseling services instead of disciplinary action.

Education: SAMHCA supports education and research designed to establish best practices for the prevention, treatment, and monitoring of members experiencing substance use disorders, mental illness, mental health, and other potentially impairing conditions.